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Brooklyn Middle STEAM School opens time capsule from 1993

Brooklyn Middle STEAM School opens time capsule from 1993

Brooklyn Middle STEAM School (BMS) hosted parent/teacher conferences the evening of Oct. 26, with a unique ending to a typical school event. The school has been holding on to a time capsule since it went by the name of Brooklyn Junior High in 1993, and finally the day arrived to see what the Brooklyn Junior students of the mid-90s wanted to show today’s students. 

superintendent Dr. Kim Hiel peeks over the edge of the time capsule


Some of the time capsule items included a starter jacket, Brooklyn Junior apparel, a floppy disk, school yearbooks and handbooks, and snacks and treats such as Dunkaroos, Gushers and Warheads, all presented to the crowd with fanfare by eighth grade social studies teacher and event emcee, Jake Herron. 

Superintendent Dr. Kim Hiel attended the time capsule opening, along with current students and families and a group of staff members who were teaching at the school in 1993. 

former staff members look at the time capsule items that current principal Kim Monette handed them


The event also included a slideshow of photos from 1993 compared to now, set to a soundtrack of 90s music, along with cake to celebrate. After attendees finished looking through the time capsule items, BMS principal Kim Monette challenged students to start coming up with items for a new time capsule, which they will put together this school year for the BMS students of 2053.

attendees of the time capsule opening look over the items in the box