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Brooklyn Middle STEAM School hosts STEAM Creativity Fair

Brooklyn Middle STEAM School hosts STEAM Creativity Fair

Brookly Middle STEAM School took an opportunity to show off the creativity of its science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) programming on May 2 with a STEAM Creativity Fair. 

Students, including incoming sixth graders, and their families could roam the school throughout the evening, where they found activities and exhibits all around the building. 

Boston Scientific and the University of Minnesota each offered a variety of STEM activities for attendees, the school’s jazz band performed, and scholars’ STEAM projects were on display all around the school. The Park Center Senior High robotics team engaged interested students with their robots and gave information on joining the team. 

One of the most anticipated events of the evening was a dinner cooked and served by the culinary arts students. These students also hosted a bake sale with treats they had prepared and packaged. 

students play the saxophone, trombone and guitar during the creativity fair performance